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Losing weight is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. After the abundance of the holiday season many of us are gearing up to pay more attention to what we are eating and become more physically active.  [full story]

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The North Carolina Arboretum is a 426-acre public garden located within the Bent Creek Research and Demonstration Forest of the Pisgah National Forest. Surrounded by the dense folds of the botanically diverse Southern Appalachian Mountains, the Arboretum is nestled in one of the most beautiful natural garden settings in America. [more]

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Coalition Updates

The School Health Advisory Council has had a very successful year redefining its work in the Asheville and Buncombe County School systems.  New bylaws have been adopted and a revised wellness policy is being drafted that will focus on on nutrition guidelines and other school-based activities.  UNC-Asheville students worked with SHAC to conduct a vending machine assessment in Asheville City Schools (with recommendations moving forward) and they plan to conduct additional assessments in Buncombe County Schools this summer.  

The Food Policy Council presented an overview of the FPC's work and potential policy recommendations the FPC would want to explore and possibly move forward to City Council in April. The presentation was very well-received and staff has been designated to represent the City on the FPC.  We are also beginning to move forward in similar activities with Buncombe County.  The same presentation was made to the Buncombe County Board of Health on June 14th and the Board agreed to recommend that Commissioners take up food security as a goal.  Click here for a summary of the presentation

The Community Transformation Grant process is beginning to move forward in Buncombe, Henderson and Madison Counties.  Staff have been hired for the project and all will be fully on board in the next week.  Welcome Leah Fergusen to our Buncombe County team!  You may know Leah from her recent successful tenur at Asheville City Schools Foundation.  Alphie Rodriquez will be the program coordinator in Yancey County and the Toe River.  Alphie assures me we haven't lost her entirely, but that she wants to stay in touch with Healthy Buncombe!  In addition, many of you know Mary Smith as one of our McDowell County partners on Pioneering Healthier Communities.  Mary will be heading up program coordination in Rutherford, Polk, McDowell and Burke.   Much of what this group is identifying as priorities and action strategies will complement FPC goals and objectives related to connecting low-income families with local produce as well as creating more opportunities for access.  We anticipate there will be many opportunities for coalition members to get involved in some of these activities.

The City of Asheville adopted a Complete Streets Policy on June 26th!  The report on the final draft of the NC Complete Streets Guidelines is expected to be released soon.

The Safe Routes to School team is now working with 5 school communities: the four adjacent campuses at Erwin, North Windy Ridge, Oakley Elementary, Hominy Valley, and Woodfin.  The team met in June to prioritize these projects and identify next steps.

Opportunities to get Involved

If you haven't been involved in the Food Policy Council, you can still join a team or follow the Council's progress by visiting their webpage at

Stay Informed

The federal transportation legislation passed last week seriously cut funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and support.  This includes Transportation for America to read  an overview of what the legislation means and where advocacy efforts will likely be directed visit the eliminating most of the National Safe Routes to School program.  Visit

Did you know?

Calorie labeling is part of the Affordable Health Care Act?  The provision covers chains with 20 outlets throughout the country and is supposed to go into effect in a year or so.  It also covers vending machines!  Calorie labeling has two effects:  It educates anyone who is interested to look and think about it and it encourages chain restaurants to offer lower calorie options. Cheers to Center for Science in the Public Interest, which has lobbied for years to get this into law. (Source: Marian Nestle's at Food Politics Blog)

Resources you can Use

Many of you are familiar with the NC Division of Public Health's Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch (PAN) Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More curriculum. The Center of Excellence for Training and Research Translation (Center TRT) at UNC Chapel Hill has recently designated the program a practice-tested intervention and has posted a comprehensive set of resources for its implementation in faith communities. This faith community-based program focuses on healthy environmental and policy changes and promotes healthy eating habits and increased physical activity through a series of group nutrition/physical activity education sessions. Center TRT's website provides detailed instructions and resources for implementing the program effectively, including a thorough summary of evidence.

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